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How to Pick colour from anywhere on the screen?                                                                           
How to use Mask Preview on Colour picker 2.0?                                                                           
How can we get CMYK & HSB colour values?                                                                           
 How to change default Shortcut key ?                                                                           
 How to set colour picker 2.0 2.0 to launch on startup ?                                                                           


Why is colour picker used?

How can we pick the colour?

What is Mask preview

Can I, Mix colours using keyboard shortcut

Shortcut to change/mix colour values in RGB mode

Shortcut to change/mix colour values in CMYK mode

Shortcut to change/mix colour values in HSB mode

Can we save the colour which we have picked?

How can we get CMYK and HSB values?

How can we get colour code of the selected colour?

Can we assign shortcut for the application?

Which are the other special features of colour picker 2.0?

How to quit the application?


Colour Picker 2.0 August 05th 2014

Colour picker 2.0 is loaded with features- Mask preview, Pro colour mixer using keyboard shortcuts for all colour modes(RGB | CMYK | HSB)- Now use CMYK, RGB or HSB modes to increase respective colour values and the adjacent keys to decrease respective colors in different modes, Always available on he status bar(open quickly using Command+Option+p), Generates Objective C, Java and HTML script. It helps Creative developer, Website designer and Software engineers to speed up their workflow.

  • New Keyboard joystick feature for colour sliders.
  • New Mask preview to color grading videos and images.
  • Misc The joystick feature is also available for mask preview.
  • Fix Bugs fixed for HSB values..
  • Fix Bugs fixed for RGB values in 255 mode.

Colour Picker 1.0 May 06th 2014

Colour picker 1.0 is designed to stay always on the status bar and available to pick colour immediately, it helps creative developer, a website designer and software engineers to speed up their workflow.

  • New CMYK values
  • New RGB modes(0-1 and 0-255)
  • Fix Add on Support to colour picker 2.0